Only individuals who are residents of Noble County with an open/pass eligibility span in a qualifying Medicaid assistance group for the month transportation is requested will be eligible for NET services.  The qualifying Medicaid assistance group consists of any category of Medicaid, except MAUS, MA L or MA G.  If the consumer has a spend down, that consumer will be ineligible for services until the spend down has been met.  Pregnant women will be referred for Pregnancy Related Services (PRS)  and will not be referred for NET services.  Transportation services must be made to a Medicaid reimbursable service within the community unless that service is not available in the community.  NCDJFS will allow transportation to providers outside of the local community due to the lack of available providers.  NCDJFS withholds the right to amend this policy if additional providers become available within the community. 


Requests for transportation services should be made ten (10) business days prior to the scheduled appointment.  Exceptions may be made if the Medicaid provider schedules a medically necessary follow-up appointment sooner than the 10 days or if the recipient is ill or injured and requires the Medicaid reimbursable services before the 10 business days.  Under NO circumstances will emergency transportation be provided by NCDJFS.  Individuals requiring emergency transportation will be advised on how to access such by NCDJFS staff, if needed. 


Individuals may request NET services verbally, by face to face or phone contacts with a NCDJFS worker, or via written communication.  If problems arise with the method of requests, the individual may be requested to submit all NET requests in written form.  A notice of approval or denial will be sent regarding each request.  (OAC 5101:3-24-0)