The Noble County Fraud Unit investigates reports received regarding violations of  programs and operations.    


The following are examples of fraud: 


An individual or individuals receiving public assistance such as cash assistance (Ohio Works First), Food Assistance, Childcare or Medicaid:   


  • Fails to report income, earned or unearned while receiving benefits


  • Receiving benefits for a child not under their care


  • Fails to report  assets or income of their spouse


  • Fails to report a parent or legal guardian residing in the home


  • Trafficking in Food Assistance


  • Residing in another county and receiving benefits from Noble County


  • Receiving benefits for a deceased household member


To report fraud contact Noble County DJFS:


By mail at:  Noble County DJFS, P.O. Box 250, Caldwell, OH 43724-0250


By fax: 740-732-4108


By phone:  740-732-2392


You may also report in person to the agency at 46049 Marietta Road, Caldwell, Ohio.         


In order for the agency to investigate an allegation, you need to provide as much information as possible.  The identity of the reporter is kept CONFIDENTIAL.      


Reports can also be reported to the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services at

1-800-627-8133 and at