The review process, also known as the modification process, is the method by which the child support obligation is reviewed to reflect the current financial situation of both parties.  The review process takes several months to complete from the initial request to final order.  Either party of the case may request a review and adjustment of their order every thirty-six (36) months from the date that the order was established or from the date of the last review.  Some orders may be reviewed sooner than the required time frame if certain criteria are met.  To obtain information on the criteria, please click on the following link:  Modification Request Form



How will I know if my case is eligible for review?


If the CSEA finds that your case is eligible for a review, the CSEA will contact both parties within fifteen (15) days or less from the time of the request.  The CSEA will ask that the parties submit information to the CSEA within thirty (30) days (sooner if both parties agree to waive the 30 day period).  Based on that information, the CSEA will then determine if the agency can modify the existing support order.  If the requesting party fails to returned the required paperwork, the review will be dismissed.  The CSEA has five (5) business days from the date certain to mail the recommended results.  Please be aware that you may not dismiss your request for an administrative review on or after the scheduled review date.  Please note that the CSEA staff cannot predict the outcome of your modification.  By  requesting an administrative review the outcome may result in the monthly support obligation increasing, decreasing, or remaining the same or in a change in the medical support provision which could include the addition of a monetary cash medical support order.   The agency has the authority to deny frequent requests for review of your case.  You may then be required to file appropriate court action if you wish to have your case considered for review.


What if I do not agree with the outcome of my review?


If you disagree with the agency’s findings, you may request an administrative mistake of fact hearing or a court hearing on this matter.  You must request this hearing, in writing, within the specified time frames indicated in your recommendation paperwork.  Failure to request a hearing within the specified time frames will result in the recommended amount becoming your final order.  A CSEA is not required to administratively review or adjust a child support order when either party elects to proceed through court or an action has been filed with a court by either party that may have an impact on the administrative review.


What happens if no one objects?


If you do not request an administrative adjustment hearing or a court hearing within the time frames listed on your paperwork, a new support order for both child and medical support will be issued that incorporates these findings and recommendations.


The Ohio Child Support Calculator will provide an estimate of the support obligations that may be included in a court or administrative child support order. To access this calculator please click the following link: OCS- Child Support Calculator then click on the Child Support Calulator button.