Where is my payment, I always receive it on Tuesday?


There is no guarantee that payments will be applied to your case the same day every week.  The date a payment is processed can vary based on a number of reasons (for example, mail service delays, holidays, vacations, etc).  Ohio CSPC processes checks within two business days of receipt, unless there are problems with identification of the payment.  If there is not enough identifying information provided, this could result in additional delays in processing of a payment.


What is meant by the payment hierarchy in the Support Enforcement Tracking System (SETS)?


            When payments are received, the system applies them to your case in a specified order:


1.   Current Support


2.   Current Cash Medical (if applicable)


3.   Arrearages owed to the parent or caretaker


4.   Arrearages owed to the State of Ohio


5.   Processing charges (2% of the monthly order)


It is important to keep in mind that the processing charge is paid by the obligor.  It sometimes does not appear this way in the eyes of the obligee, as the payment will vary based on the hierarchy, even if regular payments are made by the obligor. 


Why is my payment lower this time?


All support orders include a 2% processing charge; however, the CSEA will only retain this fee after the current support obligation is met for the month.  Once the obligor’s balance owed to the obligee reaches $0 for the month, the processing charges will then be deducted.  Due to the monthly administration of an order, processing fees may not be withheld for a number of months resulting in an arrearage balance for the fees.  When the additional pay is received in the appropriate months and all support obligations have been satisfied, then the agency will deduct the processing fees owed.


The obligor is sending me money directly, does that count for their child support?


No, any payment not processed through the CSEA is not credited against a child support order and will be considered a gift.


Payment Issuance Information:


All payments are processed through Ohio Child Support Payment Central in Columbus.  No payments can be issued until the money is received from the obligor.   There are no funds available to issue payments and then collect the money from the obligor.  No paper checks are mailed by CSPC, you will either receive your payments through a direct deposit to your checking or savings account or by the payment being applied to a debit card.  There are a few exceptions to this rule and they are determined on a case-by-case basis through the State Child Support office.  Payments are not available to be picked up at your local CSEA office. 


What happens if I get behind in my support payments?


Once the balance of case is equal to one month’s obligation in arrears, your case is considered in default.  After month end processing, if your case is in default you will be sent a default notice (JFS 4049) by the 15th of the following month.  Upon receipt of that notice, you will have 7 days to contact your case manager to provide information as to why you are unable to make your payments.  If you are currently unable to work, you will be required to provide a medical statement to the agency which includes an estimated return to work date.  If you fail to respond to the default notice, the case manager will initiate enforcement action on your case which can include an additional amount being added to your monthly obligation to collect the arrearage, driver’s and professional license suspension, withholding from any funds you may have on deposit with a financial institution, or a referral to the agency’s attorney for possible contempt action to be filed in court. 


What are my reporting responsibilities?


Both the obligor and obligee are required to report any changes in address to the CSEA.  The obligor and obligee must also report changes in employment status.  The time frames to report these changes are within 10 days of their occurrence.   It is extremely important to remember to report ALL changes in a timely manner and to keep your case manager advised of any information required for your case.  A lack of communication is a leading cause for contempt actions to be filed with the Court.


When should my child support order terminate?


            There are many reasons why a child support order should terminate, which could include:


●  Death of the child or the obligor

●  Marriage of the child

●  Deportation of the child

●  Adoption of the child

●  Emancipation of the child

●  Child’s enlistment in the armed services

●  A change in the legal custody of the child, including when permanent custody is

awarded to a Public Child Services Agency or a court order terminates an obligor’s

parental rights.

●  Optional termination which a CSEA may elect to use:  if the parties of the order

marry or re-marry one another and no other person has legal custody


How do I obtain a proof of income?


The agency requires a 24 hour notice for proof of income and payments.  On some occasions it could be ready earlier than the 24 hours depending on the work load of the CSEA staff.  You may pick up your proof of income at the front desk of the agency or we can mail it to your home.  If you are needing the proof of income/payment to be faxed to another agency, you must have a signed release from that agency with your identifying information, such as your Social Security Number on the release, signature and date, and have it faxed to us.  Once we receive the fax with the correct information we will fax the proof of income/payment to that agency.  There will be no exceptions to this rule.


You can access the Child Support Customer Service Web Portal to view your case information by clicking on the following link: OCS- Ohio Child Support then click on the Child Support Customer Service Web Portal button. This site can be utilized to view your payment history and also to print proof of income if necessary.


How can I find out if a payment has been made?


You can access the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) by calling 1-800-860-8555 and entering your social security number.  The first time you call, you will be asked to select a PIN number.


You can obtain payment information by visiting the website  You will need a PIN number when you set up your account.  The temporary PIN will be the last four numbers of your social security number followed by the letters KIDS.


If you are unable to obtain the information you need, you may also contact your local CSEA at (740) 732-2392 or 1-800-905-2732 and speak with a CSEA staff member.


I am paying/receiving child support and I need to have the other parent’s phone number and/or address to contact him/her, can the agency provide this information?


Certain information contained in the child support files is considered confidential information.  The agency is unable to provide social security numbers, phone numbers, addresses, employment information, etc.  If you need to reach the other party and are unable to do so, the agency may be able to forward correspondence for you.


My license has been suspended by the CSEA, what can I do to get them back?


When your license has been suspended by the CSEA for non-payment of support, you will need to contact your case manager to determine the requirements for reinstatement.