If you wish to apply for child support services, you may contact the agency and request that an application be mailed to you.  You may also obtain an application by stopping in the agency and requesting an application or by clicking on the links below:


JFS 07076 - Application for Child Support Services Non-Public Assistance Applicant


JFS 07012 - Rights and Responsibilities of Parents Receiving Child Support


JFS 04059 - Explanation of State Hearing Procedures


Currently there is no fee to apply for child support services.  If you are currently in receipt of public assistance, you will not need to complete an application for services as your case will be electronically referred for our services.

The CSEA is only authorized to discuss your child support case with the parties involved in the case. If you wish to grant permission to someone else to act as your authorized representative and obtain information on your case, please complete the authorized representation form and return to the CSEA representative.