Individuals who are currently employed, or enrolled in school or training, may be eligible to receive child care assistance through the Noble County DJFS.  Individuals interested in receiving child care assistance must first complete the JFS 1138 - Application for Child Care Benefits. The JFS 1138 can be obtained at the agency, by phone request or by clicking this link:  Application for Child Care Benefits - JFS 1138. Upon completion of the JFS 1138,  there are several verifications that will be required in order to determine eligibility for child care benefits.


 Please note that you have 30 calendar days from the date the NCDJFS receives your application to turn in verifications for child care eligibility determination. If these  verifications are not provided within 30 days, your application for child care benefits will be denied. Once the NCDJFS receives the completed JFS 1138 and all verifications needed to determine eligibility, the child care coordinator has 30 calendar days to determine eligibility. The child care coordinator will notify individuals who are ineligible for child care assistance with the JFS 7334 - Notice of Denial of Your Application for Assistance. The JFS 7334 will state the reason for the denial along with a consumer’s rights to request a county conference and/or a state hearing  to dispute the decision. The child care coordinator will notify consumers who are eligible for child care assistance with the JFS 4074 - Notice of Approval of Your Application for Assistance, along with  Authorization of Child Care Hours stating hours that are approved for child care assistance, and a JFS 4059 - Explanation of State Hearing Procedures. Once approved,  child care eligibility will be for a year from the date that your application was received.


Child care assistance can only be received by using  a provider that has been, and is currently been certified as a provider by the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services. Each family will have a co-pay that will be paid monthly to the chosen provider. This co-pay will be based on income and family size and can fluctuate as  income changes are reported.